Knowledge Hub Workshop - November, Cape Town

25 Nov 2019 - 15:45

The Knowledge Hub on Tobacco Taxation and Illicit Trade hosted our bi-annual workshop on the economics of tobacco control in Cape Town, South Africa from 11 to 15 November 2019.

The second workshop for the year involved Ministry of Health and Finance officials from Jamaica, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Togo. Also attending were Bekki Field (Programme Lead for International Cancer Prevention at Cancer Research UK), and representatives from three think tanks - Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research in Ghana, and KIVU International. The workshop aimed to provide the government officials and policy makers with the essential tools to understand and “sell” the benefits of tobacco taxation.
Country-specific models, developed by REEP members, allowed countries to estimate the likely fiscal impact of changes in the structure or level of the excise tax developed.  The modelling exercise clearly showed that an increase in the excise tax benefits both the fiscus and public health. In addition to the tax modelling exercise, delegates were introduced to important concepts in the economics of tobacco control, tax structures, illicit trade, and tax earmarking.

We look forward to following up with participants in the near future, and watching their journeys of implementing better tobacco taxation policies in their respective countries.

Photo credits: Senzo Mthembu & Toughedah Jacobs