WHO Primer: Health Taxes

19 Nov 2019 - 12:45

The recently published Health taxes: a Primer is a WHO policy brief which summarizes the existing evidence on the health and economic impact of health taxes, considerations for tax design, as well as recent country updates. The primer was recently presented at a side event at the 2019 UN General Assembly, and since then has been distributed to several policymakers and other stakeholders.

The brief discusses the WHO's endorsement of the implementation of taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages, alcohol, and tobacco, and how these taxes result in healthier populations and generate revenues for the budget even in the presence of illicit trade/evasion. Key messages outlined in the publication suggest that health taxes are cost-effective measures which result in:

  • healthier lives
  • healthier population
  • wealthier treasury

To access WHO/UHC/HGF/Policy brief 19.7 and other useful resources, please visit the WHO's brand new health taxes webpage listing health taxes-related resources and news events.